What Is Electric Bike Insurance?

E-bike cyclists riding in guide to e-bike insurance

Electric bikes, e-bikes, pedelecs or EAPCs (electrically assisted pedal cycles) are designed to give the rider some extra power assistance while riding, with the rider doing half the job and a motor doing the rest. This can be a huge benefit for different riders with a variety of needs.

Although you’re still pedalling and getting the exercise, not doing all the work can offer the chance to enjoy a cycle ride without needing to push the body too hard. This is particularly ideal for people recovering from injuries or ongoing health issues.

Electric delivery bikes offer the extra power assistance e-bikes give, which means they can take a little bit of extra weight off. This makes them great for delivery services as they’re still nimble enough to get around traffic to get the goods there on time.

Reasons to ride an electric bike

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First and foremost, e-bikes are great fun to ride. With that added boost you can get a lot out of your ride, and this means you can go quicker and ride for longer than you ever thought possible. They also make great utility vehicles. For example, they can be used by commuters who need to get to work quickly without all the hassle riding to work on a standard bike brings – say goodbye to sweating through traffic overloaded with belongings, an e-bike will get you to work on time without breaking a sweat.

E-bikes are superbly versatile which makes them ideal as fitness bikes. Maybe the most pertinent reason to ride one, especially for first time cyclists, is that they are so much better for the environment and pollution levels than driving a car. The desire for cleaner air has been thrust into the limelight, so if more people choose e-bikes over cars, our towns and cities will become healthier places to live.

Who are e-bikes for?

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Everyone! The extra boost that a power assisted bike provides can be enjoyed by any and every cyclist, but it is true that they are especially beneficial to some types of rider. Riders who are recovering from injuries or long-term health issues find that the assistance helps them to get back in the saddle quicker. They are also great for older riders who still have the handling ability, passion and need for speed, but who may who lost a little of the pep in their step over the years. E-bikes are also increasingly being used by commuters, everyday road cyclists and mountain bikers. So, every type of rider can benefit from the boost of a motor to take them over previously unclimbable terrain or to ride further for longer.

Do you need an electric bike licence?


As with insurance, and aside from Northern Ireland, there’s no need to license your e-bike for it to be legal and roadworthy, nor does it need to be insured. However, there are other requirements that are needed under UK law:

  • Riders must be over the age of 14
  • There must be pedals that propel the bike
  • The maximum power output must not exceed 250 watts
  • The electric motor cannot assist pedalling over 15.5 mph
  • Must display either the power output or the manufacturer of the motor
  • Must display the battery’s voltage or the maximum speed of the bike

Do you need insurance for an electric bike?

E-bike insurance policy by Pedalsure

There is no legal requirement to have insurance in the UK, except you will need insurance for your electric bike in Northern Ireland. But while it’s not essential for the rest of the UK, e-bike insurance is still advisable. The average cost of an electric bike can be up to around £2000. But it’s not all about protecting the value of the bike. We can also protect you for personal accident and personal liability. Find out more and get a quote now.

Our coverage

Pedalsure electric bike insurance

How much does it cost to insure your bicycle? Ask yourself, how much will it cost if I’m not insured and inevitably the answer is, “Well, quite a bit actually…”. Just like any of our other policies, our comprehensive cycle insurance protects both you and your e-bike. With insurance from Pedalsure, you are covered:

  • In cases of accidental damage and/or theft of your bike
  • In cases of personal injury
  • During races, events and sportives
  • Personal liability – when you can be perceived as the one at fault for an accident with a pedestrian, for instance
  • On holiday – our travel policies cover your bike in case of theft or accidental damage, and even your travel money and other essentials
  • Accidental damage cover – we cover bikes from £400-£15,000 and even cover up to £1,500 worth of damage to your cycling accessories. This is especially pertinent to e-bikes

Electric bikes are making waves in the industry so it’s good to know the ins and outs of riding an e-bike, as well as what it means for your insurance. With Pedalsure, the process of getting a policy for an e-bike is just like taking out any other bike policy. Start the process today by following our three quick and easy steps to get a quote.

Read more on how our electric cycle insurance policy can cover you and your e-bike. Alternatively, you can find out more about our cycling insurance policies to see which policy is right for you.